The rest of February and March

Was feeling like I was catching up very slowly but surely... but it's already the last month of the year! I'm gonna be a year behind again god damn it. \(´◓Д◔`)/
Thursday the 23rd
My favorite sandwich from Kaufman's. (っ˘ڡ˘ς) It's HUGE. I think challah might be my favorite bread.

The good ol' Hershey one is better though.

Friday the 24th
Tried the work mac and cheese for lunch. It was ok.

Gnarly. It's cool how bruises look like galaxies sometimes.

I'm so happy Halal Guys opened here. Like, REALLY happy.

Monday the 27th
Don't think I slept until after 10AM that day.

I thought it was funny that Daiso themselves called their sponge pack "reasonable" ha.

Tried a new kind of instant jja jang. It was not that good.

March: Wednesday the 1st
Snapping and snowing after getting home from the School at Steppenwolf audition.
Crying about two different things.

Wish I could have the snow filter on like on the the right in real life all the time.

That blush color tho

Charnae, Angelica, and I went to Pasta Bowl. I forgot my phone at home so I had Angelica take pictures for me.
It was just okay for me but those two love that place.

Went to a dessert place I forget the name of and played some Apples to Apples. Apples to Apples is too tame after getting a taste of Cards Against Humanity.
I still kick ass in it tho.

Free tattoos at the register.

Didn't hate myself after an audition for once and then had a very fun evening with the girls after. It was a really good day!

Friday the 3rd
Giant Japanese chip for breakfast before going to work.

I know it's way more sanitary but it's so cold and uncomfortable.

Surprised at work.
I used the shit out of that.

A terrible picture of my dinner. I absolutely abhor the lighting where I live.

Saturday the 4th
Dinner before movie. Tried Asian Cajun Too
Hmm something's off about this picture...

Ah much better.

Their portions were tiny but their sauce was better than Angry Crab's and their corn was THE BEST.

That's a true friend

What happens while I use the washroom:
We went to the dollar store for snacks.

Man that was a good movie.

You can't really see it but Charnae bought a frikkin plastic bowl so she could eat her movie candy out of it. I can still hear the sound of the loud ass candies hitting the bowl at the start of the movie ahaha! (๑˃́ꇴ˂̀๑)

Opened Angelica's gift when I got home.

Wednesday the 8th
Went to Chicago Diner with Michelle, Ashley, and Charnae.
Ashley looks so good in this picture.

I don't remember which burger this is.

I'm still mad at that cake. It tasted like soggy cardboard.

Monday the 13th
Gotta get my nengmyun fix from Cho Sun Ok.

This filter makes everyone's lips look good.

Tuesday the 14th
Finally tried Usmania with Jay. I think it took us about a year to get to this point.
It was so good!

Saturday the 18th
Met up with Raven and Sebastian real quick for her going away party.
She looks so good!

I thought this was the same night but now I realize that it's not cause my scarf is different but whatever.
I don't remember where this is but we were out.

Tuesday the 21st
Lunch from a shoot I did. It was very cool because it was the first time I had a trailer! But I also had a heart attack because I had napped and heard people outside talking about coming back from location so I thought I had missed the shoot.

Doing the good work.

Thursday the 23rd
Tried Nini's Deli with Charnae and Maeve.
The owner. It used to be his grandparent's grocer if I remember correctly. He's sooo nice!

The sandwiches were okay but their cafe con leche was UNF! I had gotten the hibiscus lemonade and then tried Maeve's iced cafe con leche and was sold so I bought a hot one on the way out.

Friday the 24th

Pretty sunset at Target

The same thing we did twenty days before except we went to Angry Crab this time, Anna's favorite.
I thought it was too long and too slowly paced.

Friday the 31st
Lunch from a shoot I did where I was called like eight hours earlier than I needed to be and still waiting for payment. *Insert upside down smiley face emoji here.*

Aaaand that's it for February and March! ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ